I don’t know what’s going on.

I guess it’s the lack of interesting people available on msn (no offence, anyone), and the fact that I’m just not tired. But yes. I’m blogging again, and right now it’s 11:54 PM.

Oh boy, I can see this’ll end with a disaster. But hey, it’s better that I ramble on like this than boring someone to death on msn – or Óðinn forbid – in person!

Anyways… I’ve been thinking about Windows 7. I’ve got some morbid fascination towards it. I’m a big anti-MS person, and I’d never ever install it on my own laptop… but I’m somepart hoping my mother buys it 😛
Does that make me a bad person?
I do love my Ubuntu.

I can’t wait for my house to be normal again. I wanna start running again, but the way things are right now it’s just impossible.


Oh oh oh today I sorted out my music. Found out that Rythmbox Music Player (the default music player for Ubuntu) is good for that. When the guys who are working for my family will leave I’ll start making some more of my own music. With like…. piano! clarinet! some crazy ass stuff like that.


If I ever get the chance to study a new language, it will probably be Portoguese.
I know for a fact I will get a chance to meet Damien Rice (and hopefully Lisa Hannigan, she’s really awesome) – next week!

Two beautiful songs in one video.

Beautiful one…


(now it’s 12.46 PM, i lost track of myself on youtube and facebook. Silly me)


Time to end this pointless blog post (well… aren’t they all?). I’ve got a gig tomorrow with the Lúðrasveit, then choir practice, then climbing. Not sure when I’ll fit in studying, but we’ll see.

Góða nótt.




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