It’s still alive!

Yeah, I haven’t given up yet. I should, though.

I’m at uni, not studying. The reason? I’m too lazy to move myself over to the library across the street, and I have to do this assignment there. So instead I’m sitting at Oddi, blogging.

I had two exams this week, which went surprisingly well considering I spent the weekend doing anything but studying. I spent half of it drunk as a skunk in a hot tub with some awesome people, the other half I pretended to be a tourist – which is something I really should do more often.

So yeah, life’s pretty sweet right now. I don’t think I’ve got any exams coming up soon, just this one big ugly boring assignment for Introduction to foreign languages. But I’ll think of it later.

Next weekend’s halloween. I’ve got an awesome outfit, I think it’ll be a success. I bought some accessories yesterday.

Random. Monday night, I picked up my guitar for the first time in a long time. It was all dusty, looked rather gray than red. I even composed a song, although it does suck a bit more than the stuff I used to do. At least it’s not funny, at all. But hey, maybe this is the start of a new era 😉

I feel like I’m sortof… redefining myself. Does that make sense?


A 9:28 orgasm. Seriously. ❤



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    Clem said,

    Go. Study. Now.

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