I don’t know what’s going on.

I guess it’s the lack of interesting people available on msn (no offence, anyone), and the fact that I’m just not tired. But yes. I’m blogging again, and right now it’s 11:54 PM.

Oh boy, I can see this’ll end with a disaster. But hey, it’s better that I ramble on like this than boring someone to death on msn – or Óðinn forbid – in person!

Anyways… I’ve been thinking about Windows 7. I’ve got some morbid fascination towards it. I’m a big anti-MS person, and I’d never ever install it on my own laptop… but I’m somepart hoping my mother buys it 😛
Does that make me a bad person?
I do love my Ubuntu.

I can’t wait for my house to be normal again. I wanna start running again, but the way things are right now it’s just impossible.


Oh oh oh today I sorted out my music. Found out that Rythmbox Music Player (the default music player for Ubuntu) is good for that. When the guys who are working for my family will leave I’ll start making some more of my own music. With like…. piano! clarinet! some crazy ass stuff like that.


If I ever get the chance to study a new language, it will probably be Portoguese.
I know for a fact I will get a chance to meet Damien Rice (and hopefully Lisa Hannigan, she’s really awesome) – next week!

Two beautiful songs in one video.

Beautiful one…


(now it’s 12.46 PM, i lost track of myself on youtube and facebook. Silly me)


Time to end this pointless blog post (well… aren’t they all?). I’ve got a gig tomorrow with the Lúðrasveit, then choir practice, then climbing. Not sure when I’ll fit in studying, but we’ll see.

Góða nótt.




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It’s still alive!

Yeah, I haven’t given up yet. I should, though.

I’m at uni, not studying. The reason? I’m too lazy to move myself over to the library across the street, and I have to do this assignment there. So instead I’m sitting at Oddi, blogging.

I had two exams this week, which went surprisingly well considering I spent the weekend doing anything but studying. I spent half of it drunk as a skunk in a hot tub with some awesome people, the other half I pretended to be a tourist – which is something I really should do more often.

So yeah, life’s pretty sweet right now. I don’t think I’ve got any exams coming up soon, just this one big ugly boring assignment for Introduction to foreign languages. But I’ll think of it later.

Next weekend’s halloween. I’ve got an awesome outfit, I think it’ll be a success. I bought some accessories yesterday.

Random. Monday night, I picked up my guitar for the first time in a long time. It was all dusty, looked rather gray than red. I even composed a song, although it does suck a bit more than the stuff I used to do. At least it’s not funny, at all. But hey, maybe this is the start of a new era 😉

I feel like I’m sortof… redefining myself. Does that make sense?


A 9:28 orgasm. Seriously. ❤


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What a weekend.

I set a personal record this weekend. Oh yes. On Icelandic soil, I got drunk 3 weekends in a row. The funny part is that I know for a fact that I will drink next weekend, and the weekend after that. Oh, Uni life!

So last night was Gyða’s birthday party. As per usual with her and Hulda’s parties, it was legendary. Met lots of nice people. Got a bit crazy. The usual.

On my way to Anna’s house, where I spent the night (morning) like I often do due to taxi reasons, I went to 10-11 where I met my ex-almost-brother-in-law, who introduced me to the cute security guy whom Anna and I have been drooling over since August. Bad thing is he actually thought we were drugged up, and he doesn’t seem like the type who likes druggies. Oh well.

Tonight I stumbled upon this video:

It’s the finale of Beethoven’s 9th, the piece I’m doing with the choir. It’s recorded in 1942, on a concert dedicated to Adolf Hitler’s birthday. I find it strangely interesting. Seeing these injured men, and asking myself how many in the audience really wanted to be in the audience, celebrating the birthday of the Fuhrer (my keyboard wont let me do the ¨+u combo, I sincerely apologize).
Btw, I watched Sound of Music with one eye today, while making notes from Storia della Lingua. Very nice.

I’m in a weird mood. I feel like I’m waiting for something, or someone. Bweh. Got two exams coming up, very exciting times.

I’m off.


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Post #1

Hey… world!

I got the urge to start blogging today. If I know myself correctly, and I should, after knowing me for almost 22 years, I’ll never tell anybody about this blog, I’ll make a couple of posts nobody’ll read and then I’ll forget about it. But whatever.

Today’s the kind of day that makes me wanna stay in bed. I haven’t even looked out the window, but I’ve got the feeling it’s a shitty day. So, I woke up past noon (I managed to have a conversation with Anna via sms, IN MY SLEEP!), studied for a couple of hours, and now I’m wasting time. Dad’s cooking one of my fav dishes, lambalæri. The thigh of a lamb. Then tonight’s the birthday of Gyða, history tells me that party’s gonna be pretty cool 🙂
So.. yeah, I guess I’ll get out of bed eventually.

You know, living in a house with a limited bathroom access actually sucks pretty badly. I’ve been considering building a little shed in my garden and dig a hole. Carve out a little heart on the door and all. But yeah, my parents are having their bathroom renovated. It’s been about a week since they threw out the shower, and the other day we didn’t have a toilet. Then they realized that it isn’t pratcical, you know, living without a toilet, so they put it back up. But we have to fill the waterbox manually after every use, which is really cool. I’m a regular at Anna’s house now to take advantage of her shower. I ower her a couple of liters of shampoo and soap!

Anyways. I should get back to italian language history. I don’t really enjoy spending the weekend reading Dante, but hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

Pretty awesome version of Vivo per lei.
Bless bless 🙂

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